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Think Quick, Rhyme Slick, Win Big

  • Event Type : Team [ 2 members]

  • Who can participate : Grade 3

  • Maximum number of participants in the event  : 20

  • Maximum number of teams per school : 2 

  • Number of rounds : 2

    Event description

    Round 1 (Sweet Treat)

    Hink Pink involves solving rhyming two-word puzzles from descriptive clues. It tests creativity, vocabulary, and  quick thinking. Examples include "slow crow" for "a black bird that cannot fly fast" and "swift lift" for "a fast elevator."

  •  The host reads out a clue to the teams.

  • Teams have a set time (e.g., 30 seconds) to discuss and come up with an answer.

  • Teams take turns guessing. If a team answers correctly within the time limit, they score points.

       Round 2 (Anagram)

      An anagram game tasks players with rearranging letters to create new words or phrases. For example, from  "LISTEN" one might form "SILENT" or "INLETS".

  • At the beginning of the round, the host announces the word or phrase

  • Teams will rearrange the letters to form as many valid anagrams as possible within the time limit (2 minutes).

  • Words must be found in the dictionary to be considered valid.

  • Proper nouns, abbreviations, and slang are not allowed unless specified.

Judging Criteria

The team with the highest total score at the end of all rounds wins. In case of a tie, a tie-breaker round with a more challenging word may be conducted.

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