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Where every panel pops with possibilities

  • Event Type : Team [ 2 members]

  • Who can participate : Grades 4,5  [ representation from each grade is compulsory]

  • Maximum number of teams in the event  : 15

  • Maximum number of teams per school : 1

  • Number of rounds : 1

Event description:

  • Teams will compete in their own categories

  • Teams will be given one hour to prepare the comic strip based on the theme which will be given on the spot.

  • The comic strip should contain a minimum of nine panels.

  • Teams will be given one A3 sheet for making the comic strip.

  • Script should be original. Teams are expected to carry their own stationery

  • Use of improper or offensive language or display of inappropriate content will lead to disqualification.

  • All text must be in English and legible.

  • Each team is allowed to submit ONLY one comic strip.

  • The strip should be readable and logically coherent from left to right.

  • The host school reserves the rights to retain all submissions

Judging Criteria

  • Ingenuity/ Creativity

  • Content - Use of dialogues, vocabulary, grammar & figurative language.

  • Neatness & presentation

  • Illustration - Adherence to theme and comprehension

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