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Connecting, Creativity and Engineering

  • Event Type : Team (6-8 members)

  • Who can participate : Grades 7,8

  • Maximum number of  teams in the event  : 6

  • Maximum number of teams per school : 1

  • Number of rounds : 3

 Event description:

      Round 1- Connect the bridge

  • Each Team will be divided into 2 groups. Common material would be provided to every team

  • Groups can discuss to each other for 5 minutes at the start to agree on the design and connection points. After the initial discussion, groups cannot see each other’s progress

  • One group constructs the base, while the other designs the arch and foundation

  • Group should coordinate measurements and design features to align the bridge

      Round 2- Bridging the comic strip

  • Starting and ending panels of a comic strip would be provided

  • Team members brainstorm events to connect the panels creatively

  • Teams may use 5 intermediate comic strips to bridge the gap

      Round 3 - Creating a Human Bridge

  • Each Team will be divided into 2 groups. Each group receives half of the picture or description of the human bridge.

  • Each group will discuss for 2 minutes

  • Groups collaborate after 2 minutes to form the bridge using gymnastic poses

Judging Criteria

      Round 1

  • Creativity of design

  • Effective collaboration between the two groups

  • Stability and functionality of the bridge

      Round 2

  • Coherence of the storyline

  • Clever transitions between panels

  • Artistic quality of the intermediate strips

      Round 3

  • Accuracy in replicating the bridge

  • Smooth transitions between poses

  • Overall creativity and teamwork

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