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Project Cool-Aid

Model a solution and become a sensation

  • Event Type : Team [ 4 to 5 members]

  • Who can participate : Grades 6,7 [ representation from each grade]

  • Maximum number of teams in the event  : 20 teams

  • Maximum number of teams per school : 2

  • Number of rounds : 1

Event description:

  • Participants must fabricate a scientific 3D model based on the theme-learning tools/aids/equipment for students with special abilities

  • Participants must bring their own material such as ( but not limited to) play dough/ clay / cardboard/ thermocol or cardboard base etc.

  • Biodegradable/ reusable / recyclable materials can be used

  • Ready to assemble items not allowed

  • Participants will be provided with 2 hours of assembling time

  • Participants will be required to explain the model based on questions asked by the judges

Judging Criteria

  • Originality of the model

  • Functionality

  • Neatness

  • Relevance to the theme 

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