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Agree to Disagree

Dabble in the daring domain of debate!

  • Event Type : Solo

  • Who can participate : Grades 7, 8

  • Maximum number of participants in the event  : 20

  • Maximum number of participants per school : 1

  • Number of rounds : 2

Event description:

Round 1

  •  The participants will be required to pick the topic

  • They will be paired up according to which topic they have picked 

  • Participants will be given adequate time to prepare

  • Format of the debate -Person A speech, Person B speech followed by person A rebuttal and person B rebuttal

  • Participants will be marked on their own merit 

  • Participants may use  their own devices for research purpose

Round 2

  • The participants will pick a topic 

  • The participants will be paired according to the topics

  • Participants will be given 15 mins to prepare on that topic

  • Form of debate will be same as round 1

  • Participants will be asked question by the judges in addition to the rebuttals of their opponent 

  • Participants may use  their own devices for research purpose

Judging Criteria

Round 1

  •  Confidence

  •  Rebuttal

  •  Structure and organisation

  •  Relevance

  •  Authenticity and accuracy

Round 2

  • Confidence

  • Authenticity and accuracy

  • Ability to answer the questions/rebuttals 

  • Clear delivery

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