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Et Set Terra

Bring on your creativity, make earth your canvas, be ‘One with Nature’

Event Type: Solo
Who can participate: Grade 2
Maximum number of participants in the event: 30
Maximum number of participants per school: 2
Number of rounds:1


●The participants will decorate a clay pot at the venue according to the theme ‘One with Nature’
●Participants should carry the pot with them
●Maximum height of the pot should be 10 inches
●Only plain brown, grey and white coloured pots should be used
●Participants should carry all the paintings and decorating materials.    Participants are encouraged to bring old newspapers and a hand towel to maintain at their workstation
● Participants should use only earthen or clay pots
● Duration - 1 hour for decoration

Judging Criteria

● Relevance of the decoration to the theme (One with Nature)
● Creativity (unique ideas/ design/ decoration)


LOGO 2020.png

To Register for the event,
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