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Dish Up
Layer, spread, stir and taste - It's time for great things!

  1. Event Type: Solo

  2. Who can participate: Grade 1

  3. Maximum number of participants in the event:30

  4. Maximum number of participants per school: 2

  5. Number of rounds: 1

Event description

● Participants will assemble their dish in real-time.
● Participants should not bring any pre-cooked items.
● Store-bought condiments like ketchup, mayonnaise etc. are allowed.
● The food items used should be fresh.
● Fruits and vegetables must be pre-washed and pre-chopped.
● Participants will not be allowed to refer to any printed material, phones etc. to assemble their dish.
● All the items required for assembling the dish should be brought by the participants themselves, including water. Only a workstation will be provided
● Dishes should be vegetarian(eggless)
● Participants can bring any cut, chopped or grated raw materials
● Participants cannot bring any electric equipment or sharp objects
● Participants will be required to speak about the dish they have assembled. This includes the reason for choosing the dish and the preparation involved.

● Duration - 45 minutes to assemble the dish
               - 1 minute to speak and present the dish

Judging Criteria

● Taste- flavour, seasoning, texture, freshness
● Presentation- visually appealing, creativity
● Speech- confidence, relevance, clarity

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