Volksfiesta 2021
The People's Festival
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About Us

Volksfiesta 2.1


Life is a festival only to the wise --Ralph Waldo Emerson

With this fundamental axiom, we at Deens Academy welcome you to a snazzier, smarter and superior edition of the People’s Fest-Volksfiesta.

Let’s add a little extra spice to the festival of life by making innovation, spiritedness and exuberance go supernova.

Equally important, Deens Academy is committed to enriching society and community, and in continuance with this ethos, a part of the proceeds from Volksfiesta will be donated to Vedan to support their philanthropic efforts. Vedan is an organization dedicated to promoting holistic health and wellbeing among citizens in need. Vedan offers citizens in need easy access to the basic requirements of life so that they can contribute fairly to the development of society and country.

We invite you to paint on the canvas of life with the most vibrant of shades, dazzling the world with your colour. Whether it be music, art, oration, dance, drama, innovation or a mingling of these in unique combinations, Volksfiesta has it all for you.

So position yourself at the starting line and get ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime. A journey filled with foot-tapping songs, mind-blowing debates, dances that make you want to move and speeches that will send a shiver of excitement down your spine.

Volksfiesta will challenge you, thrill you and reward you!

Volksfiesta 2021 is here, in an online avatar, to take you on a two day long roller-coaster ride!


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