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The essence of life is exuberance and we couldn’t agree more.

Deens Academy is honoured to present Volksfiesta 2024, a recipe with a generous helping of pizzazz, a dollop of joyousness, and a little sprinkle of competition that makes life so thrilling and beautiful simultaneously! Your nerves will be tested, your adrenaline will buoy you, and your pulse will remain testimony to the explosion of creativity and competition that are synonymous with Volksfiesta.


We invite you to dig into the vibrant slice of life that Volksfiesta has to offer, replete with compelling debates, melodious tunes, spirited dances, and eloquent speeches.


Get ready to dazzle the world with your versatility , through competitions to showcase your ingenuity, oratory skills, artistic flair, or knack for music, dance and drama.  Volksfiesta 2024 will engulf you with its many hues and tints.

We can't wait to see you be a part of this wonderful journey.


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