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Bring about a change in the world with your
thought-provoking advertisement

Event Type: Team(4-7 members)
Who can participate : Grades 9-12
Maximum number of participants in the event: 20

Maximum number of participants per school : 2
Number of rounds: 1


*Participants are required to direct and shoot a
thought provoking advertisement (with a twist) on the
theme - ‘Gender Sensitivity’
* The ad can be a public service advertisement
* Attached is a sample advertisement which can be
used as a stepping stone to conceiving their very own
advertisement, advocating a social cause.
* The ad must highlight the spirit of compassion,
benevolence and equality within everyone, across all
nationalities and races
* The development of the advertisement - from
conceptualisation to scripting - is expected to be done
before the event day
* The entire production of the advertisement - from
videography to editing - has to be done on the host
the school campus, on the day of the event
* Participants have the full freedom to utilise any area
of the campus for the purpose of filming
*Participants must bring their own props, costumes,
and equipment (including cameras for shooting and
laptops for editing purposes, if required). The host
school will not be providing the same
* Duration- 2.5 hours of preparation time
2 minutes for the advertisement
* Plagiarism/copyrighting of any kind will result in
immediate disqualification.
* Non-adherence to time will lead to the deduction of points

Judging Criteria

* Cinematography (Videography and Editing)

* Creativity and Originality
* Script (Storyline and Clarity of Message)
* Relevance to Theme
* Delivery, Style, Diction (Acting)
(Points will be deducted on non-adherence of rules)

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To Register for the event,
Click here!

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