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Classic Dance

 Weave a tale- not with words, but with rhythm and beats



Event type: Team(​​​​​6-8 members with representation from each grade

Who can participate: Grade 6-8

Maximum number of participants in the event: 15 teams

Maximum number of teams per school: 1

Number of rounds: 1 round

Event Description:

  1. Teams will narrate a story, with a specific plot and theme of their own choice, using dance (contemporary/ freestyle)

  2. Participants are not permitted to use film music

  3. Participants may use props during their performance. However, the props cannot include any written material

  4. Participants are not permitted to use voice-overs during the dance

  5. Duration- 6 minutes (including entry and exit)

  6. Participants must state the plot and theme in written form and submit this to the event in charge on the day of the event

  7. Participants must ensure that their dance is not offensive to any individual/religion/ethnic group

Judging criteria:

  • Costume

  • Synchronization

  • Choice of music

  • Storyline

  • Choreography

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To Register for the event,
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