Disco Ball



Groove to the beat and get everyone to their feet. Here’s your chance to dance away with

the prize!

Event Type: Solo

Who can participate: Grades 9-12

Maximum number of participants in the event: 30

Maximum number of participants per school: 1

Number of rounds: 2

Event Description

Round 1-

  • The participants have to record a 1.5 to 2-minute dance

  • Participants must send upload their video on their own Google Drive and share the drive link via email to events@deensacademy.com by the 15th of August( in mp3 format). The file should be labelled as  ParticipantName_SchoolName_DanceVideo. The subject of the email should be ParticipantName_SchoolName_DanceVideo

  • The video must be uploaded in .mp4 format

  • Participants must ensure that adequate  

      permissions for viewing the video file are


  • Participants must not use any profanity or display vulgarity in the song, in any step of the dance , or in their clothing.

  • All styles of western dance and semi-classical are accepted. Pure classical dance, will lead to deduction of marks( A fusion of classical and western is acceptable)

  • Exceeding the time limit will lead to a penalty

  • Participants are  allowed to use only shades, hats, and jewellery as props

  • The shortlisted dance  will move to the live round


Round 2-

  • On the day of the event, shortlisted participants from round 1 will battle off against each other

  • Duration -1 hour preparation time

  • This round requires the participants to come up with their own costumes, using their creativity. The hiring of costumes isn't permitted


Judging Criteria

Round 1:

  • Rhythm beat and flexibility

  • Choreography

  • Expression


Round 2:

  • Rhythm beat and flexibility

  • Choreography

  • Expression

  • Costume

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