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Shape your imagination- Draw and Dazzle

  • Event Type : Solo

  • Who can participate : Grades 1,2

  • Maximum number of participants in the event  : 20 

  • Maximum number of participants per school : 2

  • Number of rounds : 1

Event description:

  • Each participant will receive a set of 3 shapes (e.g., diamond, square, and trapezium). Using all the given shapes, students will create a drawing

  • Students must incorporate the shape into their drawing.

  • Imagination and creativity are key—there is no predefined theme.

  • The drawing can be colourful, abstract, or realistic.

  • The school will provide the drawing sheet

  • Participants must get their own stationery such as crayons, colour pencils etc. required for the drawing

  • Usage of embellishments e.g stickers, sequins, buttons is prohibited.

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity and originality

  • Effective use of the given shape

  • Overall visual appeal and space utilization

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