Senior School

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Programming Console

Grades 9-12


A series of questions will be given to solve using java/python/ c++/c and each challenge has to pass multiple test cases.

Image by Gidon Wessner

Grades 9-12


each participant shall be given a task/emotion/ subject they need to capture; best one wins; elimination takes place on a round basis

Image by Siednji Leon

Grades 9-12

Rap Battle

Image by Luana Azevedo

Grades 9-12

Battle of the Bands

Business Presentation

Grade 11-12

Shark Tank;

Participants have to come up with an idealistic product and advertise it. Judges will be asked to invest in whichever product appeals to them best.

Image by Ali Bakhtiari

Grades 9-10

Stamp designing

Actors Rehearsing

Grades 9-12

Turn into an influential personality and cook up the perfect dish of exuberance, spontaneity and erudition with a good helping of humour, a dash of sarcasm and a touch of drama.

Break Dance

Grades 9-12
Dance off

 the song will be given an hour prior to the competition and an impromptu choreography has to be made/dance battle ( 2 rounds-)



Grades 9-12
ad making (videography)

 students conceptualize an ad and shoot a video


Image by Wesley Tingey

Grades 9-12



- a mock ipl/ football league auction \

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Grades 9-12

Fashion show where the participants design and model their pieces surrounding a theme (criteria: outfit, hair, makeup, overall presentation).

Image by Wesley Tingey

Grades 9-12


Short film;

A team of 5-10 will be given a certain topic/theme about which they'll have to make a short film.


Grade 8-9

Slam poetry