Senior School

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Haute Couture


“A platform for sustainable fashion ideas that can inspire a new generation of consumers and fashionista


Livin’ La Vida Loca 


“Dancing is the closest thing to magic. Foot tapping music, fluid moves and a sprinkling of stardust is all you need to live the crazy life! 

Battle of the Realms

“Turn into an influential personality and cook up the perfect dish of exuberance, spontaneity and erudition with a good helping of humour, a dash of sarcasm and a touch of drama.


Code War 

“The Age of AI is upon us. It's time to see whether we have the skills to develop the next generation of machines. Welcome to Code War, where the only language we speak is Code!

Pitch Perfect 


“Put on your business coats and thinking cap; get ready to charm the investors and solve the problems of the world. It’s all in a day’s work!

Take One 


“An event for the budding director to display their aptitude. Wow the world with just a few minutes of reel time!

E-lite Athlete


“Strength stems from physical capacity and indomitable will. Take on the challenge to display your physical prowess!

Bid Boss


“Create your league of extraordinary cricketers and the world cup is at arm’s length!