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Rapper Performing


Calling all the rappers to enthrall the audience with the power of their sound and words. Let’s see what you got!


Event Type: Solo

Who can participate: Grades 9-12

Maximum number of participants in the event: 30

Maximum number of participants per school: 2

Number of rounds: 2

Event description

 Round 1

● Participants will present an original rap song during the event, with a beatboxing partner or to a backing track of their choosing(will have to be submitted in a pen drive on the day of the event)

● Participants must provide an appropriate title to their song

● The lyrics should not be vulgar/explicit/offensive by any means. The lyrics must not be derogatory towards any ethnic group, religion or individual. The lyrics also need to be appropriate for a school-level event

●  The rap has to be an original creation . Plagiarism will lead to disqualification

●  The participants need to upload their rap lyrics ( in a pdf format) in the given Google drive link by 25th August-for plagiarism check. Participants must label the file as ParticipantFullName_SchoolName

● Duration of performance- 3 minutes

● Shortlisted participants move to round 2



Round 2

●  The shortlisted participants from round 1 will be given a topic and a duration of 30 minutes to create an original rap song

●  Duration of performance- 2 minutes.

●  A common beat will be given to all the participants  for their round 2 performance.


●Exceeding the time limit(in round 1 and round 2) will lead to deduction of points


Judging criteria

  • Rhythm

  • Voice Clarity & Quality

  • Delivery

  • Quality of lyrics

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To Register for the event,
Click here!

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