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Recording studio equipment


Ever thought of how you would sound on a radio? Tune into our frequency to find out and let your voice lead you to the prize!


Event Type: Team (2 members)

Who can participate: Grade 7

Maximum number of participants for the event: 20 teams

Maximum number of participants per school: 1 team

Number of rounds: 1


Event description

  • Participants will be given their topics on the spot

  • Participants will be given an hour for preparation

  • Participants will have to present a radio show based on the given elements

Elements of the script:

  • Introduction- The greeting/introduction can be in one language or multilingual as is the norm in any radio show

  • Content-The team can present the show as a conversation between 2 RJ’s /the conversation can be a RJ interviewing a guest speaker specialized in a certain field. During the presentation, the participants must bring in some fun/fact (surveys, humorous quotes, experiences, etc.) elements to build a strong connection/rapport with the listeners

  • Conclusion - end the show in a creative way with a message for the listeners

  • The language used in the presentation should not be vulgar/explicit/offensive by any means. The language must not be derogatory towards any ethnic group, religion or individual. The language also need to be appropriate for a school-level event


Judging criteria

  • Adherence to the topic

  • Voice modulation

  • Creativity

  • Tone of the presentation

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To Register for the event,
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