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If you can’t convince them, confuse them

  • Event Type : Team (2 Members)

  • Who can participate : Grades 9-12

  • Maximum number of participants in the event  : 10

  • Maximum number of participants per school : 2

  • Number of rounds: 3

Event description:

 Participants will be required to bring their own devices including laptops with editing software, phone with hotspot access


Round 1- Switch it

 ● Teams will be presented with the topic, a report, or an aggregate of facts. They could make notes, as the news piece is dictated. (5-6 mins) 

 ● The teams must come up with a newspaper article headline, (and byline) and the opening line of a news broadcast

  ● The laptop will circulate between the 2 members of the team to finish the task in 2 mins with 30 sec allotted to each participant at a time

  ● One of the teams reads out their newspaper headline, whereas the other presents the opening sentence, in front of the judges. They will be given 1min to read out their work.

  ● The scores are accumulated to the next round.


Round 2- Pitch it, Write it

 ● Teams will be given a real-world business journalism scenario

 ● Preparation time - 10min 

 ● They must pitch a reason why the news is important and why    

     they are the right person for the job

 ● Pitch time - 5mins

 ●Teams will be eliminated in this round

 ● Remaining teams will create a catchy tagline and write an article on approved topic              (15mins) 

 ● This is an elimination round


Round 3- Clutch it

 ● Finalist teams will be assigned a specific commerce event to cover

 ● Their task is to record key aspects of the event

 ● The duo will record a news segment on-site, with one participant acting as the reporter

 ● Time allotted - 40mins

Judging Criteria

 ● Presence of mind

 ● Coordination

 ● Creativity 

 ●Conviction/ Strategy

 ● Content

 ● Video editing

  • Storytelling Ability

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