Volksfiesta 20'
In support of 
Swakshatra - advocating child and women welfare
Hasirudala – works to educate children of waste-pickers
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Philanthropy note: If you’re in the luckiest 1% of humanity, you owe it to your species to think about the other 99%.

Irrespective of gender, race, religion- stripped down, we are the same. The partitions of privilege that has seeped up between us can only be tackled by a humanitarian force. A force that reminds us that all of us are family.

Deens Academy is very proud to announce that 50% of this year’s Volksfiesta registration fees will be donated towards a philanthropic cause. As an organisation, we’ve always strived to teach our children what matters most: a life lived not only for oneself, but dedicated towards the upliftment of everyone around you too. 

Volksfiesta manages to garner widespread attention every year, and this year , along with the support of participating students we wish to make a diffference to communities beyond. The two organisations we will be supporting are Hasiru Dala and Swakshatra. 

Hasiru Dala is an organization which works towards the betterment of living conditions for children of waste-pickers. The organization aims to educate these children and to help them lead better lives. This organisation has been working to better the living and working conditions of green collar waste pickers, and to encourage sustainable practices to help our environment. Your contribution goes a long way towards the betterment of these children- who have spent the majority of their bleak lives in poverty

Swakshatra has been working tirelessly since 2016 towards the welfare and safety of both women and children.  Along with providing training for self defense, education to the children of migrant labourers and putting into practice an ingenious method of dealing with PTSD amongst children- they've also provided a home to support innocent victims of various kinds of violence. With your help, we can make Volksfiesta a grand success- not just for the organisers or the participants, but for those who really need a bout of sunshine in their lives.