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Piano Keyboard


Let your words flow and create an impact. Here is your golden chance to reveal the poet within.


Event type: team (2 members)

Who can participate: Grade 7

Maximum number of participants in the event: 20 teams

Maximum number of participants per school:1 team

Number of rounds: 1

Event Description:

Participants will be given prompts based on which they will write the lyrics to a song

● The participants will get an hour's time to discuss and prepare the lyrics and tune

● The participants are allowed to set the lyrics to an existing tune

●   Participants may use musical instruments such as guitar, but they must play it themselves. There are no extra points for playing an instrument

●   Participants will decide if one of them will play the instrument and one of them will sing or both of them will sing it together

●   Participants may clap, drum on the table, or find a creative way to give a beat to their song

●   Duration of the performance- 3- 4 minutes

Judging criteria:​

  • Melody

  • Rhythm

  • Quality of lyrics

  • Adaptation of lyrics to the tune

  • Creativity of presentation


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To Register for the event,
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