Middle School

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Grade 6-8
Quiz; teams of 3 go through a number of rounds where they are asked questions about a variety of topics (KBC format).


Political Interview

Grade 6-7
Newsroom ( Humorous Presentation of News in Hindi) A pair activity where the topic will be given on the spot and both the participants have to perform before a live audience.



Grade 6-8
Dancing to narrate a story- A group of upto 8 Performers manipulate their choice of songs, costumes as well as choreography such that their performance narrates a story, with a specific plot and theme. For instance, the performance could take us through the phases of overcoming a fear- hesitation, nervousness, triumph.

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Grades 6-8
An individual activity where the topic will be given on the spot and the participants have to perform after 15 minutes of prepration.

Writing Music

Grade 7
Each participant will be given 2-3 words, based on which they will have to write a song of about 20-25 lines.

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Grade 8
Mad Ads; crude form of theatre, with roots firmly in comedy. Participants try to sell the judges a "ridiculous" product (garlic shampoo) through an on the spot skit

Opera Singer

Grade 6 to 8

Ekha patrabhinaya (kannada)-mono acting

children will enact the characters from Ramayana, Mahabharata, Pouranika patra from Kannada film or Historical legends. (Example: Kituru rani chennamma, sangolli Rayanna, Babaruvahana, Hanumantha, Ravana, Rama, Karna,Arjuna, Krishana , Duryudhana ect) Time Limit: 3 to 4 minutes. dialogs should be in Kannada appropriate to the charecter

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Grade 7

Radio Jockeying:

Teams of 2; participants are given a topic beforehand and have to write a radio program about it and record it using their voices. They will be judged based on voice modulation, content, expression and so on








Grade 8-9

Slam poetry


Grade 5-6

Scratch programing event