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Let’s Scratch Up

Players have fire in their hearts and ice in their veins. Are You In-It To Win-It? May the best

Scratch Master win!

Event Type: Solo
Who can participate: Grade 5-6
Maximum number of participants in the event: 30

Maximum number of participants per school:2
Number of rounds: 1

Event description

● Participants will have to create and execute two Scratch projects
● Participants will use the computers in the hosting school’s computer lab
● Any indication of malpractice will lead to disqualification
● Duration- 1 hour to create and execute both the projects


Judging Criteria

● Creativity- Originality of Ideas

● Theme adherence - Relevance to the chosen theme
● Implementing Different Blocks of Scratch
● Efficient Code (i.e., Minimum number of lines of code).


LOGO 2020.png

To Register for the event,
Click here!

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