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Where stories come alive. Step into the limelight and celebrate the magic and emotion of drama.

  • Event Type: Team (5-7 Members)

  • Who can participate: Grades 9-12 (With representation from each grade)

  • Maximum number of teams in the event: 10

  • Maximum number of teams per school: 1

  • Number of rounds: 1

Event description

  • Teams have to showcase dramatic talent through performances of scripted scenes. The topic will be given on the spot

  • Duration of play should be 3  minutes

  • Preparation time is 1 hr 30 minutes

  • Only languages English, Hindi or Kannada are allowed.

  • The performance must be multilingual with the incorporation of at least 2 languages out if English, Hindi or Kannada.

  • Dance and Music to be incorporated ;only light, hand instruments will be allowed; use of electronics and large instruments is strictly prohibited.

  • Use of fire/ water/ smoke machines on the performing ground (or anywhere in its vicinity) is strictly prohibited.

  • Inappropriate language/content/derogatory comments/remarks will lead to immediate disqualification.

  • Topics on sensitive issues related to gender, caste ,community and religion are strictly prohibited.

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity -style, uniqueness 

  • Expressions and Gestures

  • Confidence and Presentation

  • Theme adherence - Relevance to the theme given

  • Character development

  • Voice Modulation-Diction /Projection/Enunciation

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