General Guidelines

  1. Participants will need to have a valid school id.

  2. A staff member has to be logged in along with the participants/team for every event (in case of a school registration).

  3. School participation id will be given to the participants and to the accompanying staff member-post document verification and fee payment.

  4. You can reach the event coordinator for confirming your registrations and for any clarifications at:

  5. Parents of participants are welcome to watch the events.

  6. Adult intervention during any of the events will lead to disqualification and loss of points.

  7. The host school reserves the right to deny registration of a participant / team should the documents requested not comply with the guidelines.

  8. Results will be announced on 30th August. Details regarding certificates and prizes will be communicated to the participating schools shortly thereafter.

  9. The decision of judges/referees will be final.