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● The tournament will span across 2 days- 24th and 25th August

Participants must report at the venue at 8:00 a.m.
● Teams: Under 14(B), Under 16(B), Under 16(G), Under 18(B) - Knockout Tournaments

. Cut-off DoB

Under 18 - 01/01/2004

Under 16 - 01/01/2006

Under 14 - 01/01/2008

● 7-a-side with 4 substitutes
● Rolling substitutions can be made by informing the referee.
● Each half is for 15 minutes.
● Goalkeepers can change within the 7-team members by informing the referee.
● Each player should provide a valid identity card duly signed by the principal with copy of
Aadhar card
● No players/manager of a participating team shall interfere with the conduct of the
Tournament or any match of the tournament and shall not enter into argument with the
supervising officials nor shall they question the judgment of the
Umpires/Referees/Judges etc.

  • Schools are allowed to register only one team per category

for the categories and registration, please move to the registration tab.
registration tab:

Note: Before Registering for the event, do check the registration guidelines mentioned in the slideshow below.

LOGO 2020.png

To go to registration tab,
Click here!

 Registrations will be done online. Please click on the event-specific links.

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