Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. ID Cards: The ID Cards for the academic session 20-21 have not been issued to the students yet. Kindly mention an alternative.Response: A letter from the Principal stating the list of students, their date of birth, class will do. A mail regarding this needs to be sent to

  2. If Children are registering individually from the same school, is there any limit in the number of registration. Response: Individual registrations are open to only schools which are not open during the month of August.(esp International schools)

  3. This is with reference to Digi Treasure Quest. Our students would like to have an idea about this event since not much is written on the website. Will it be possible to know more about this event and what they are supposed to do on the day of the event? Response:Digi quest is a Treasure hunt game which involves  multiple levels of challenges with some puzzles, logical thinking and problem solving which will lead to the end goal.  This will be played as a team  in a separate meeting environment where children can communicate with each other to solve the problem.

  4. What kind of topics are expected in Battle of the Realms .- Please note that we are unable to provide any clue regarding the topics. If internet is allowed.- .Yes, the internet is allowed.Will the students have the access to contact their respective teacher? Yes they can

  5. In the event Anchorage Unsavaged...can students speak in Hindi . -Anchoring is in English only.