It is expected that participants and their support teams will adhere to the rules of the competitions in which they participate and that they will show respect for other competitors, judges and administrators in their actions and their words.



A participant/team may be disqualified for the following reasons:

  1. If the ineligibility of any member of the team is detected.

  2. Inclusion of non bonafide student in the competition.

  3. Adult intervention at any point.

  4. Misbehavior by participant or accompanying official.

  5. The use of offensive language and/or displaying offensive behaviour toward any other person at a competition.



  1. All participants to be dressed in semi formal attire unless the competition specifies a particular costume.

  2. All participants to log in ahead of the scheduled start time.

  3. Participants shall maintain required decorum in an online environment.

  4. Participants shall not mute/remove other participants during the event.

  5. Participants shall use the hand raise option to communicate during the event.