D-Day Guidelines

You are requested to note the following guidelines and adhere to them on the day of the event:

1.     Ensure you are logged in 30 minutes before your event start time. This is to help us verify your  


2.     The meeting room will be closed for entry 15 mins before the event's scheduled start time.

3.     Login using your chest number(available on the website) as the user name.

4.     Always keep yourself muted unless requested otherwise.

5.     Only participants are allowed to log in to the meeting. Entry of parents into the meeting room is


6.     Do not open the live streaming link on the same device from where you are logged in to prevent 


7.     For the following events, music is to be played from a separate device with speakers: Feliz 

        Bailando, Viva la Vida, Sing credible.

8.     Teachers/staff members in charge of the participants are requested to view the event using the   

        "YouTube " link only and not enter the meeting room which will reach you shortly.

9.      Please find attached the discipline document which the participants are requested to go through