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Create your league of extraordinary cricketers and the world cup is at arm’s length

                                           EVENT INFO

Event Type: Team (3 members)

Online (Specifics will be conveyed after registration)

Who can Participate: Grades 9-12

Maximum number of participants in the event: 20 teams

Maximum number of participants per school:1


  • Day 1, which is auction day, will involve bidding for the team squad.

  • Each team is given a budget of 85 Crores that must be strictly adhered to

  • Each team must have a squad of 18 players i.e a Playing XI and 7 bench players by the end of the auction. Marks will be heavily deducted if the 18 player squad is not built

  • There is no set composition for the Playing XI. Bidders are allowed to choose how many all rounders/bowlers/batsmen etc. they would want in each team and will be judged based on this decision

  • Teams must stick to a limit of 4 overseas players in their Playing XI and 8 overseas players in the squad of 18

  • A captain and vice captain should be assigned from the Playing XI

  • Participants will log in using their own devices and from venues of their choice.

  • Each team must have 3 bidders with stable internet connection

  • The video of ONLY one team member must be switched on at any given point

  • In the case of Internet issues for any one member, the other team members are expected to take over bidding

  • No team can have two members auctioning at once

Post the auction, all team members must prepare a Word Document (Converted to pdf format) which includes the details of their team, (Name of team assigned, logo of team, all players that have been bought including a categorisation of their Playing XI and bench players.) A brief description (2-3 lines) of the auction strategy must also be provided to us in the same word document. This word document must be sent to the event heads latest by 7pm on Day 1. Any delay will lead to reduction in points.

Round 2 i.e the Press Conference round will be conducted on Day 2. Rules for this round will be announced separately


Rules for Round 1 (Auction Round)

  • Cameras of ONLY one member of each team must be switched on at any given point

  • Bidding starts once the player is announced

  • Only 3 teams are allowed to bid for a player at any given point of time

  • Only one member from each team is allowed to bid at any given point of time

  • Team members that are not bidding must have their cameras off and must be muted to avoid any background noise and unnecessary confusion

  • Participants are required to arrange their own medium of communication between their team members. (Using whatsapp, gmeet or any comfortable medium)

  • Simply raise your hand (physically) to bid for the player

  • Auctioneers will announce the base price, post which suitable increments will be announced

  • Auctioneers will wait 5 seconds after the last bid before announcing the player as sold

  • Bids that are made post the announcement of “SOLD” will not be considered

 Increments :

i) Bids between 20 lakhs and 1 Crore will have increments of 10Lakhs or multiples thereof

ii) Bids between 1 Crore and 5 Crores will have increments of 25Lakhs or multiples thereof

iii) Bids between 5 Crores and 10 Crores will have increments of 50Lakhs or multiples thereof

iv) Bids above 10 Crores will have increments of 1 Crore of multiples thereof

v) Jump bids for 2 crores above base price will be accepted.

  • Teams must maintain their own lists with players bought and budget left.

  • The budget must be strictly adhered to.

  • Exceeding the budget would result in the team’s most valuable player(highest price) being returned to the auction pool and money spent on the player will be added back to the team’s budget.

  • The aforementioned team will not be allowed to auction for that player again.

  • Participants are expected to maintain decorum during the auctioning process. Derogatory language of any kind will not be entertained.


Rules for Round 2 (Press conference round)

 Round 2 will be held on Day 2. This is the Press conference round. One member of each team must represent the team during the Press Conference. The rules and requirements for the second round are as follows :

  • The press conference would involve two parts : A press statement and a question-answer round.

  • The chosen representative of the team must speak for a maximum of 3 minutes about the auction strategy of the team

The press statement should include the following :

i) Players bought and a one line explanation of their role in the team

ii) Justification of auction strategy vis-a-vis strategy of the assigned team.

iii) Justification of composition of team

iv) Justification of their top buy

v) Justification of selection for captain and vice captain

  • Participants are free to add on any other relevant information to their press statements

  • Post the statement, questions related to their auction strategy and team composition will be asked to the participants for which quick answers are expected.



Judging Criteria

  • Presentation (Team balance, Batting order) - __/10

  • Average rating of team - __/10

  • Press conference -  __/5

  • Matching original team strategy -  __/5

  • Remaining budget - (0.1 points for every 1 crore) 

In the case that a team exceeds their budget, their highest player will be put back into action and the value of the player will be added to the team’s budget. However they will be automatically awarded 0 points in the remaining budget criteria.

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