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Battle of the Realms

Adorn different personas and battle it out - refuting, rebutting and debating, albeit with a
dash of humour

Event Type: Solo
Who can Participate Grades: 9-12
Maximum number of participants in the event: 20

Maximum number of participants per school : 2

Each participant will be allocated a persona on the spot at the site. They will be required to portray these personas and debate against one another in pairs.

Personas provided will be based on the following categories:

  1. Entertainment Industry personalities [both western and Indian] [Celebrities]

  2. Politicians and Social Symbols

  3. [Historical Figures]

  4. Corporate and Business Leaders as well as Scientific Pioneers

  5. [Miscellaneous] Versatile figures from diverse backgrounds 

SCRIPT - [An example is -
Baba Ramdev VS. Stephen Hawking on “How to Function in a Pandemic.”
Statement: “Modern medicine and scientific inquiry have failed the world in this time of need.”
Moderator: Baba Ramdev’s thoughts on this for 10 seconds followed by Dr Hawking’s Remarks.]

We believe that not only will this format be more engaging than a usual debate but easier to steer towards a humorous tone and setting.

Inappropriate language/content will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate disqualification
Participants are encouraged to use constructive humour relevant to their assigned persona as well as the debate.
Participants are encouraged to add in various aspects of their personas while speaking.
Each participant will be given 15 minutes for research on the topic and persona before being asked to speak.

Each pair of participants will be allotted 15 minutes (not including research) which comprises 4 minutes per speaker for the opening statement of the debate, followed by 2 minute rebuttals.

An additional question round with a panel of three student moderators will also be conducted for each of the participants. The topic will pertain to the agenda allocated to each participant

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To Register for the event,
Click here!

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